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Facilities Programming

While often not recognized as an independent part of a project, facilities programming is a critical part of the design and planning process. It is in fact the conceptual foundation on which to anchor all future design decisions. Facilities programming involves an in-depth study of the owner’s operation looking to identify critical needs and relationships as well as to identify inefficiencies within the operation. The goal of the facilities program is to help the owner better understand his or her current and future needs and to resolve existing concerns associated within the built environment. This is done by 1) researching the project type, 2) establishing goals and objectives, 3) gathering relevant information, 4) identifying strategies, 5) determining quantitative requirements, and 6) finalizing a design approach. Mr. Carter holds a Master of Architecture degree in Facilities Programming. While only occasionally contracted to perform this service alone, “Carter Architecture” has used this expertise as the basis for all of its design work. When requested, it is billed for as an additional service.