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Feasibility Studies

John Stoudenmire Carter Architect, P.A. is frequently called upon to assess the feasibility of existing structures for adaptive reuse. This may involve a code compliance review or may entail a visual inspection of existing building systems and materials. This type of service may reveal damage to structural elements caused by water or insect intrusion into the building or the use of building materials, such as asbestos, which must either be removed or encapsulated. Other aspects of this service include ADA Compliance and issues associated with converting existing structures to another use, such as residential to commercial or business to assembly. The main focus of this service is to assess if it is economically feasible to modify an existing structure for reuse. In doing so electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems will be evaluated as well as reuse of existing rooms and the like. The goal is to maximize the cost to benefit ratio for the client. This service is also typically provided in advance of the architectural design service and is contracted for as an additional service.