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GEL Corp.

The building designed for GEL Corp serves as the corporate office and a weigh station for vehicles at its Orange City site. The structure includes a large open office area and two enclosed offices.
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DeLand Industrial Center

The DeLand Industrial Center is divided into seven 1,100 s.f., two 1,265 s.f., and two 1,622 s.f. tenant spaces with the remainder of the structure built as a shell.
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FloMet, LLC

The 35,810 s.f. FloMet plant was designed and built in two phases. It is a state-of-the-art metal injection molding facility located in DeLand, Florida. The building houses corporate offices as well as a highly technical factory organized for the strategic flow of materials through the process.
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List Of Projects

  • Lakeland Auto Auction Lakeland: 2,800 s.f.
  • Floral Greens International: 12,465 s.f.
  • Peacock Service Center: 13,650 s.f.
  • Peacock Sales Center: 10,570 s.f.
  • Executive Air Center Hanger: 9,870 s.f.
  • Ocean Design, Inc.: 56,350 s.f. Addition
  • Kaiser Pontiac: 62,97 s.f.
  • Madizack Industrial Center: 9,733 s.f.
  • Jeppeson VisionQuest: 5,156 s.f.
  • Harty Tractor Warehouse: 7,668 s.f.
  • Phil Air: 22,250 s.f. Design Study
  • Technetics: 52,125 s.f. Design Study
  • Holly Bluff Marina: 7,000 s.f. Design Study
  • Daytona Auto Auction: 12,320 s.f. Design Study
  • Executive Air Center, Inc.: 27,860 s.f. Design Study
  • Dade Service Corporation: 36,375 s.f. Design Study
  • Sporty's Carwash DeLand: Code Assessment
  • Madizack Business Center: Warehouse 1: 28,625 s.f. Design Study