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Kelly Office Building

The Betty W. Kelly office building sits on a prominent corner along the northern gateway into the City of DeLand, in close proximity to Stetson University. The structure is one story, brick veneer and concrete masonry construction, set at an angle on the site to maximize its exposure to the intersection.
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Harty Tractor Office Building

This new building was designed for Harty Tractor Service as its corporate office along with a 7,282 s.f. maintenance facility. The design includes a 3,652 s.f. suite for the corporate offices along with a 1,658 s.f. undeveloped tenant space. The corporate offices include five executive offices, independent estimating and superintendant's areas, and an accounting department.
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Our OFFICES Projects

List Of Projects

  • Baugh Office Complex: 20,160 s.f.
  • Quality Life Center: 3,978 s.f.
  • Triad Center: 22,120 s.f. Master Plan
  • Perryman & Associates: 4,000 s.f.
  • ACR Computers: 2,253 s.f.
  • Chinelli Office Building: 3,372 s.f.
  • Fish Foundation: Site Analysis
  • Davis Office Building: 5,570 s.f.
  • Cordoba Office Building: 2,745 s.f.
  • Steen Office Building: 3,569 s.f.
  • Ann Jones County Road 472 Site
  • 3.95 Acre Site Analysis
  • 40,000 s.f. Building Design Study
  • Janice Govreau Allstate: 3,317 s.f.
  • Good State Road 44 Site:
  • 4.12 Acre Site Feasibility Study
  • 4,200 s.f. Bank Design Study
  • JMS Building Corporation: 3,182 s.f.
  • 4,992 s.f. Office Building Design Study
  • 15-A Partners: 2.56 Site Feasibility Study
  • Coomber Office Building: 3,374 s.f. Design Study
  • Deltona Lakes Realty: 17,117 s.f. Design Study
  • Madizack Office/Retail Bldg. 27, 180 s.f. Design Study