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Site Analysis & Master Planning

Site analysis in architecture is the organizational stage of how a site may be used in the design process. It involves researching and understanding governmental regulations like land use and zoning as well as other land development regulations such as setbacks, landscape buffers and allowable percentage of impervious area. These regulations may also dictate the vehicular entrance and exit from the site, the number of parking spaces, and in some cases the aesthetics of the building. Other important considerations in the site analysis / master planning process include vehicular and pedestrian circulation, privacy, security, stormwater management. In the case of master planning this process also looks to the future to help ensure that the site is best utilized for the long term function of the site. Mr. Carter has a long history of site analysis / master planning experience while a member of other firms and as president of his own firm. As a result, Land Planning has been one of the areas of specialization of “Carter Architecture”. This service is generally provided in advance of the architectural design service and is therefore contracted for as an additional service.