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Sunshine Dental Clinic

Location: Orange City, FL
Size: 2,982 s.f.
General Contractor: Jeff Malmborg Construction. Inc.
Construction Cost: Approximately $315,000.00

The Sunshine Dental Clinic building began as a restaurant. After completely gutting the interior and adding 416 s.f., the facility was redesigned into a dental clinic with 7 standard treatment rooms. In addition, the clinic design includes endodontics, denture and hygienist rooms, a lab, business office, employee lounge, sterilization, x-ray and panorex areas, as well as a large waiting room and public and private restrooms. A significant design challenge was presented by the City of Orange City Community Design Standards which regulated the exterior appearance and landscaping of the project due to the change in use. This was overcome in an economic fashion which gave the building a completely new appearance while not putting too much financial strain on the owner.

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