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David C. Rigsby - STETSON UNIVERSITY: Senior Assistant for Special Projects

Over the years I have come to really appreciate Jack Carter's skill set and abilities as an architect.  He has proven to be a deft negotiator while remaining firm in his own personal convictions for being honest and doing the right thing.  His insight and problem solving across a wide genera of issues has resulted in remarkable success.  His consistent on-site presence during all phases of the construction is a statement of commitment and certainly shows in the final execution of the work and the speed in which projects were successfully completed.  I have noted that Jack's enthusiasm for providing quality work is not diminished by the size of the project.  He consistently gives his best, striving to give a justified balance between fiscal responsibility and aesthetic appeal. He does all of this while assuring that Stetson gets buildings that are functionally sound and yet offer flexibility for the future.


My partner, Dr. Kevin Barber, and I had the pleasure working with Jack Carter in the design of our new state of the art facility in DeLand.  We found his work to be exceptional.  He investigated many sites on our behalf and designed a building that is tailored to our very specific needs Jack’s insight and knowledge of medical design was instrumental in his ability to understand our goals and transform them into a building which is both functional and beautiful.  Another attribute that Jack brought to the table was his management of the construction process.  He was very attentive to quality and worked to push the process ahead aggressively. We both valued his input and his willingness to work outside traditional business hours.  We, and out staff, really appreciate all that Jack put into our building.  It is an unqualified success.

Tim Eden - BACE CONSTRUCTION, INC.: President

I have had the pleasure of working with Jack Carter since I opened BACE Construction in 2004.  We have worked on many projects at Stetson and others within Volusia County and beyond.  We have worked with him in both a traditional design-bid-build manner as well as in a "design build" relationship and found his work to be far more clear and complete than other design professionals.  Jack is very involved in working hand-in-hand with subs to get the best for his clients.  He is also very active during the construction process, to facilitate speed and accuracy.  He will literally get in a ditch or climb through an attic to make sure that things are being done right.  This helps all of us and his passion is an incentive to those around him.  He is so respected for his honesty and integrity that he has been allowed to do inspections, on behalf of local municipalities.  Jack is a valued friend, both personally and professionally, and we at BACE Construction look forward to each project that we can work on together.

Matt Adair - CITY OF DeLAND: Chief Building Official

I have had the opportunity to work with Jack Carter on many projects during my tenure hear at the City of DeLand.  Jack has a passion for his professional commitment to his clients and our community.  I look forward to working with him.

Al Allen - STETSON UNIVERSITY: Director of Facilities 

I have worked closely with Jack Carter for several projects on our DeLand campus since 2010.  Each of these projects were successful in large measure due to Jack's skill and diligence.  I know that when he is involved, the projects always meet code requirements, our design intent and budget considerations.  He is an asset which Stetson University will continue to work with.

Jeffrey P. Altier - STETSON UNIVERSITY: Director of Athletics

Since 2006 Jack Carter has designed numerous athletic department projects.  In each of these, Jack has proven to be able to manage designs in ways that permit attractive architectural features, while maximizing the functionality of the building with an eye on cost effectiveness.  He has demonstrated the ability to listen attentively to our needs, incorporating design features into our buildings that are user friendly and cost effective.  

Fred Bondesen - 

When I hired Jack Carter to design my new residence in DeLand in 2000, I really did not anticipate the level of commitment and passion that he had for seeing that the project was successful.  He was easy to work with and thorough as he worked through several design options to ensure complete satisfaction with the design of the structure.  Because of his commercial background and the fact that the house was large, he understood and implemented design strategies that saved time and money as well as ensuring quality.  His nearly daily visits to the construction site were instrumental in seeing that things were built as designed.  He was flexible and quick to make revisions as the construction progressed.  He was more than fair in his fee structure and will be the first person that I will call if I ever need an architect in the future.

Marshall Bone - MARSHALL B. BONE CONSTRUCTION, INC.: President

I have known Jack Carter since prior to him opening his own firm in 1993.  We have worked together on numerous projects across the years, many in a "design build" relationship.  What, I appreciate most about Jack is that he differentiates himself from most architects.  He works closely with the General Contractor and sub-contractors during the design process to get the best possible solution.  His listens to input from those sources and is flexible enough to incorporate other's ideas into his designs and construction documents.  I know that when I work with Jack the project will be cost efficient, functional and code compliant while still offering visual appeal.   Additionally, the documents will be easy for our construction associates to utilize in the completion of the structure.


I have know Jack Carter since we were both children and have also known him to be a proficient professional architect.  I have worked with Jack on many projects.  His commitment, planning and professionalism are evident in the finished construction of his projects.  Jack's ability to work with the different trades on a project is without question one of his strongest management attributes.  He has always been accessible to discuss and work with subcontractors on any issue that may arise.  His ability to listen and incorporate recommendations from the "Subs" ensures that a Jack Carter managed project is thorough and complete.  I highly recommend Jack Carter of John Stoudenmire Carter Architect, P.A. to facilitate the concept, design and management of your next project.

Fred Eshleman - 1st PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH: Minister of Music (Retired)

Jack Carter and I began working together on our campus wide remodeling project in 2000.  He was attentive to our needs, schedules, and desires of the congregation.  He was aggressive and creative in his thinking while listening to the building committee's needs and desires for each area of our facility.  The completed project is a jewel.  Jack's forward thinking and attention to detail is a gift he brings to any project.


I have had the pleasure to work with Jack Carter on several projects for Mainstreet Community Bank of Florida.  These included a new branch and the total renovation of two existing buildings; interior and exterior.  Jack is extremely professional and good to work with.  He has extensive knowledge on ADA and Code matters that are important when doing commercial projects.  His practical nature and willingness to listen and incorporate "your" ideas and suggestions into "reality" make Jack standout amongst his peers.  I enjoy working with him and will be using his services on future projects.

Richard A. Fraser - CAREER SOURCE FLAGLER VOLUSIA: President

Since 2002, John Stoudenmire Carter Architect, P.A. has designed a variety of structures for Workforce Development Board of Flagler and Volusia Counties.  Mr. Carter's extreme professionalism and exceptional knowledge of State and local regulations was demonstrated at all times. We appreciated that he was ever conscious or our budget and very limited time frame, while at the same time being flexible and helpful to the general contractors.  His blending of aesthetics and functionality contributed tremendously to  our organization being recognized as the best One Stop Career Center in the Country.   We were very pleased to have Jack Carter as our architect and will look forward to working with him again in the future.

Frank Griffin - STETSON UNIVERSITY: Head Women's Softball Coach

Jack Carter is a man of respect, honor, and vision.  He respects and honors his clients and even all who encounter him. More importantly, Mr. Carter embodies the true vision of his clients and duties.  Not only does Jack design buildings, he follows the construction process with numerous visits to the job site.  Jack's true gift is his ability to understand and honor the client's budgetary needs and restrictions.  It has been a sheer pleasure to work with him.

Roger A. Hughes, PH.D. - STETSON UNIVERSITY: Head Football Coach

I worked with Jack Carter on the design and construction of the Athletic Training Center here at Stetson University.  I found him to be hard working, reliable, honest, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with.  He takes personal interest in, and displays a strong passion for his work.  Through his diligence the finished product is beautiful, functional, cost efficient, and technologically superior. During the design phase, Jack provided the leadership and insight that helped us define and prioritize our needs.  When the project was complete it was obvious that we received "the most bang for our buck."  It is now clear that the ATC will be an iconic landmark for both Stetson and DeLand.  My first call will be to Jack Carter for any future projects that we may require.

David Maholias - GATEWAY BANK of FLORIDA: President & CEO

As Gateway Bank of Florida set out to expand its presence in the Daytona Beach area, we turned to Jack Carter to design and construct a signature Banking Headquarter facility. Knowing his experience in the banking arena made this an easy choice.  Jacks professionalism and ability to grasp the vision of a project was important in our timing. Further, his ability to oversee the project and all related vendors allowed my Team to stay focused on our business. It was a pleasure working with Jack and I would recommend using him for any size project!!    


Jack and I go back so many years it's hard to keep track.  We have worked together on many projects and I have always found him to be deeply invested in the success of each project. He goes the extra mile.  I have seen him to lend a hand during critical times when we were approaching deadlines.  Jack is thorough and pays a lot of attention to detail.  I appreciate him working with me and the subs to achieve the best possible result for the least amount of money.  He is also very focused on aesthetics and how the building will work for the client.  I have known him to go back to projects many years later to assess his success and failures.  He is passionate about his work and is definitely an asset to any project.

Leonard Marinaccio III - BOMAR CONSTRUCTION, INC.: President

It has been a pleasure working with Jack Carter.  We have come to expect from him, over the years, an unwavering professionalism and attention to detail which makes it easy for us as a General Contractor and for each trade involved, to achieve the results the Owner imagined.  We particularly value his team approach to all sizes and levels of sophistication.  His dedication to keeping all members of the project team on the same page has resulted in projects that we can all be proud of.  We look forward to working with him on other projects in the future.

Wayne G. Sanborn - CITY OF DeLAND: City Manager (Retired)

I have know Jack Carter since he was a child and have seen him grow into an  architect on a professional level.  In my dealings with him, I know that he always prides himself in being a true professional while striving to blend  the project into the existing environment yet still keeping a vigil on the economies of his work in order to serve the best interests of the community.  I recommend him for future work with the City.

Fred Schwenck - COUNTY OF VOLUSIA: Director of Facilities (Retired)

The professionalism and experience provided by John Stoudenmire Carter Architect, P.A. has been very evident and appreciated in the vast array of projects that the firm has completed for the County over the course of nearly eighteen years.  We are very proud of these facilities in that they are functional, yet offer an aesthetic appeal while maintaining economic responsibility.  Jack brings a rare mix of design sensitivity and cost consciousness to the process and his willingness to work directly with the general contractor and sub contractors, as well as our crews has also been a benefit to Volusia County.  At the time of my retirement, I knew that I had left the County in good hands with Jack Carter.