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Through our work history, we have demonstrated why clients should choose “Carter Architecture” for their design needs.

  1. We are local and will provide very timely service.  Often, we are available within five minutes of being contacted. 
  2. We will work hand in hand with the representatives of your organization.
  3. Mr. Carter has intimate knowledge of local governmental Design Standards.
  4. We have a strong positive rapport with local government officials.  They trust Mr. Carter to the extent that they allow him to inspect his own projects on their behalf.
  5. We enjoy outstanding relationships with outside experts, whom we employ as needed for unique circumstances.
  6. We will work with the clients  to utilize “Direct Purchase” whenever possible.
  7. We watch out for our client's “best interest.”
  8. We Save Time and therefore Money!



“Carter Architecture” DELIVERS MORE FOR THE MONEY! 

  1. We offer great flexibility in the “design process” without piling on additional professional fees.  We accommodate changes and work with you to help understand the end result both visually and financially.
  2. We dig deep to understand “user” needs while keeping a keen focus on the budget and schedule.  Mr. Carter utilizes his Master's Degree in Architectural Facilities Programming to develop organizational tools which are geared to maximize user goals.
  3. We keep our focus on construction cost and material usage throughout the design process to ensure that the most appropriate design techniques and construction materials are incorporated into your project.
  4. We are knowledgeable of engineering systems and keep a firm handle on the quality and cost of the mechanical, electrical and structural systems to be utilized in the building.




  1. Personal Involvement with Mr. Carter in every aspect of the project.
  2. This gives Continuity Throughout the Project
  3. Mr. Carter's Experience Translates Directly to the Project.  Clients are not exposed to the combined experience of the firm where experience is spread across numerous individuals, many of whom may never work on the project. Clients get the authentic, first-hand experience Mr. Carter brings to each project.
  4. Small does not mean slow. A simple look at the Stetson University Athletic Training Center is a case study of what we can do.  Eleven different design options were delivered and analyzed by the University over an 83 calendar day period.  Once approved, 72 sheets of construction documents were developed over a 108 calendar day period.  During the construction process, "Carter Architecture" provided weekend and night time inspection services to facilitate a fast track construction process. When built, we along with the general contractor, delivered a functional and aesthetically pleasing project which embraces the traditions of the University while including every advance in modern technology that we could afford.  We provided a 24,500 sq. ft. building for the same price as others proposed for a 16,000 sq. ft. building.  In addition, we have provided three sports practice fields for football, soccer and lacrosse, as well as having provided a competition “Game Day” field for lacrosse and soccer within the same budget.  We accomplished this despite a severely compressed schedule for both design and construction.
  5. We know what we are doing.  We have demonstrated our capabilities to the DeLand community for the past 22 years.  We feel that we have enriched the built environment of West-Volusia and stand ready to continue doing so in the future.  John Stoudenmire Carter Architect, P.A. welcomes the opportunity to work with any client to provide a skilled team striving to assure quality craftsmanship and leadership through the design and construction process for your project.